New School Year, New Font

Gearing up for the first day of classes tomorrow. So of course, I'd rather fiddle with the settings of YAIS then bother with physics. (Only half true)

As you may notice, I've made the font a size bigger.

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Hot Pink Cole Haan Driving Shoes

Entering "Cole Haan" into the Zappos website's search bar was a dangerous move. I knew better, but I couldn't stop myself.

 Now I find myself sitting here on my institutional student-housing couch, salivating after a pair of loafers that I, a college student, can't afford. But... But they're on sale! I need them. I must need them. It's not like I have another twenty pairs of unloved shoes crowding my dorm room closet. Plus, can you really put a price on style? I  live in New York. I walk 25 minutes to class. Have you seen how well dressed the people are here? They're Young and in Style, really. Or atleast in style...

Whether or not I have the shoes of the moment, it's damn good to be back in New York. Fuchsia walking shoes would truly be the icing on the cake. Maybe I should start saving my money? Now there's a novel thought.

Check out the shoes at Zappos here: Even if I can't (and shouldn't) indulge myself, it doesn't mean I can't be a bad influence on YOU.



Feathers to Freshen Your Look

Gwen did it!
Apparently, $3 is all it takes to both add funk to your mid-summer look and reawaken your sense of style.Two weeks ago I found myself with my mom at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, killing time before our flight home at H&M. Tired of seeing my usual up-do with post earrings, my mom kindly advised that I "try something new."

I don't have to look at me, she does, so I complied and followed her to the accessories section where she picked up a pair of white feathery earrings. I looked at them with my head cocked, and my dormant sense of style was sparked. For a girl whose jewelry look has been in a serious rut lately, the feathers provided an attractive escape. And for $3 (see the black pair), I could fully, legitimately afford to take a risk. 

H&M dangly feather earrings
 Sometimes you need someone else to suggest something you may not otherwise try, to take yourself out of the expected. Would I ever consider myself a feathery, hippie girl? Maybe not, but I'm excited to try a new trend, and contrast it against my more classic personal style.

 I suggest a visit to your nearest H&M, and implore you to pick up some accessory you'd never buy, be it a feather necklace or patterned scarf. Then wear it!



Kork-Ease Sandals- Easing into Summer 2012

(Note: I'm experimenting with Instagram photos on the blog- let me know what you think in the comment section)

Picked up these Kork-Ease 'Ava' Wedge Sandals at Nordstrom on a Spring Break trip to Nashville. The heels is super manageable, the wedge cushy, the leather firm. They're supposed to be comfortable, right? Wore them to an all-day music festival a couple weeks ago and my feet will never be the same. So many new blisters. SO MUCH PAIN!

Fingers crossed that they'll break in nicely...


Stylish links to start off your week

Here are some of my favorite links at the moment, for any of you readers looking to procrastinate:

Fashionista's piece on the fashions of the women of AMC's Mad Men (For those of you who live under a rock, season 5 premiered last night)

This look from the Madewell website, featuring pleated trousers and muted tones

For those of you with Spotify, this playlist of retro music from Mad Men

This glamorous combination of black basics and brown fur from The Sartorialist

Gwyneth Paltrow's inside look at her Oscar preparations



Preppy Springspiration

Here's a little Springspiration for ya

Nothing like a navy stripe to make a skintight minidress seem almost church-appropriate. It's a dependably elegant choice, provided that your chosen shape is figure flattering.

Doesn't she look just thrilled to be dancing around in lower Manhattan? Stumbled upon this image on Tumblr and couldn't help but to share her excitement. After all, it's spring!
(credit tumblr)

ENJOY! And don't be afraid to mix your stripes with a little pattern. Now is the time for style rebirth.



Floral Pants for Spring by Madewell

Last week over Spring break I interviewed for a summer job at my hometown mall's Madewell. As I waited patiently (er, nervously) for my interviewer, I was struck by the flouncy dresses, practical tees and denim displayed in every possible combination. Flowers here, chambray there! Madewell is my shopping paradise. Anyway, as I perused the racks (trying to look professional) a pair of pants called out to me.
They're tight. They're floral. They look like wallpaper. They're probably unflattering on 99% of normal people. Glamour would call them a don't. But I can't WAIT to get my hands on a pair...

Fingers crossed for employment this summer. Hopefully something Young and in Style! Though, I'll miss the hustle and bustle of my new NYC home.



Study for Finals in Style

it's that time again

The end of the semester is nearing, and the pressure is on. As we prepare for marathon study sessions assembling and re-writing a semester's worth of notes, making schedules, and dotting our desks with post-its, we think we have all our bases covered. Yet, there is yet another challenge for which we must prepare. Finals week brings a slew of style challenges. Inevitably, appearance takes second (or fifteenth) priority, and the result ain't pretty.

You know what I'm talking about. Red eyes. Saggy skin. Coffee in hand. Baggy sweats. Knotted, greasy hair. The end of the semester isn't cute. And while it is only natural that fashion will take a backseat to academic needs at this crazy time, needn't completely sacrifice your look. I promise. Think of it this way: Just as you prepare to endure the academic stress of finals, you may equally prepare for the fashion challenge that awaits you. Here's how:

Set out comfortable, stylish clothing in advance. Act as though you were a stylist prepping a photo shoot, getting all the looks arranged. Comfy pants, jackets, cotton tops, cozy scarves. Identify several go-to outfits to wear during finals mayhem that will be comfortable, and easy to pull off. Think of it as a uniform. Planning ahead will save you from contemplating clothing when you have much bigger things to worry about.

But, how can you lay your clothes out if you don't know what to wear in the first place? I suggest choosing basic pieces that require little thought in throwing together. See Blake Lively's look below:
(IMG) Lively combines trusty basics: black boots, dark-wash denim, a camel coat, and a cozy scarf. You can easily achieve this type of look during exams without a second thought. Just identify your go-to basics and throw them all together. The best part? You can probably get away with wearing all of them several times in the week. Hey-No one's judging!

Make your life easier by simplifying your beauty routine. Do you usually wash your face then follow up with a series of steps? While I don't recommend forgoing hygiene altogether (for obvious reasons), you can get ready for bed in a pinch with makeup-removing face-wipes and a quick brushing of the teeth. If you have time, slap on some moisturizer. Keep it next to your bed so you don't forget!


3 Tips for Refined Fall Style

Hopefully you're all enjoying the transition to Fall as much as I am. Aside from "Snowtober", which hit the Northeast this past weekend, it's been borderline blissful here. I find myself blogging about Fall weather every year. Crisp air, leaves beginning to change (on the few trees I have encountered in Manhattan), and temperatures dropping are all great excuses to dust off your wool blazer or leather boots. Fall is the season of dignified dressing: tailored jackets, dark tights, and capes; could enough to wear your favorite pieces but not so cold that they are obscured by your bulky winter coat. Simply divine.

Here are my favorite ways to feel stylish and take advantage of the opportunities for good dressing that this weather affords you.

Remember your favorite shades from summer? Wear them!
Nothing screams "celeb" like the combination of traditional woolen fall clothing with a slick pair of sunglasses. Very Gwenyth Paltrow. [See Below. IMG CRED ]
As you can see, even the chilliest of weather doesn't get between Gwen and her RayBans.

Who said turtlenecks have to be stuffy? Shove aside those thick, bulky knits until it's really winter. Instead, I propose you try a thin, dark-colored turtleneck for your fall dressing. Pair it with your favorite peacoat or statement necklace and you'll look slim and sophisticated.

Did you succumb to last year's combat boot craze? So did I, and I'm dusting mine off for Fall '11. Make the look less punk and more eclectic by pairing preppier pieces, like a a woolen A-line skirt and tights, with your favorite roughed up boots.

Enjoy the season.



Ralph Lauren Rugby "Tweed Run"

One of the things I love most about being in New York City is that you never know what you'll run into. Seriously. Today, as I headed back from lunch with friends, I came across an unusual roadblock: A cluster of handsome models donning tweed jackets and feathers in their caps. Turns out it was a party at the Ralph Lauren Rugby Store, a shop aimed at a younger, more Gatsby-meets-Hipster audience.
I wish I had snapped a photo of their "bicycle parking". There were rows upon rows of old-fashioned bicycles across from the store.

See their website for more info on the event:

Sadly, I couldn't stay long. There's work to be done!